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The Zen family started a very strong desire to make available to us happier back where we try to bring out the essence of each. We traveled for the purpose of discovery, processing and sharing. We want to get to know the best that we find in our travels. Routes that do are the same for friends, family or strangers. We share the best of our findings, which touched us while we save other travelers of the hardest aspects for our learning. Improved continuously knowing that a trip is never repeated since no local or person remains the same. Enthusiastically create routes that allow each one, a journey within itself, indulging freely to nature, to other people and to their senses. This is an invitation to travel externally and internally. For the trip we learn a little more about how to smile, observe, perceive and enjoy continuous gratitude. Let this be the beginning of a happy journey among friends known and unknown, who accompany us.

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